Amazing 19 Tips for Rocking Black and White Wall Art

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19 Tips for Rocking Black and White Wall Art

Wall art seems to make people’s knees shake more than most decorating decisions in the home. There are so many questions we ask ourselves in the process of hanging something. “Is this too high? Is it too low? Is it too large or too small? What if I put the nail in the wrong place? Maybe I should just put this in the bedroom instead.” We overthink and over-hammer so much, it’s no wonder that so many of the walls are bare. Well we’re here to help. First things first, you want to look for black and white wall art. It matches everything and with all the options available, it takes away one more element of concern as you hang. Here are 19 tips for rocking black and white wall art.

In any wall art situation, grids are always the easiest layout. They’re symmetrical and pleasing to the eye so you aren’t second guessing the arrangement. When you use black and white photographs, you can even use each one more than once to give you double the grid. And we all know, a bigger grid is a better grid.

Displaying family photographs can be a tricky business when you’re trying to keep a tight rein on the colors that come into your home. So black and white it is. Whether you use a service or edit them yourself, hanging a little gallery of family photos will become the easiest thing ever when you only have two tones to worry about.

Some styles can seem almost impossible accomplish in a home. Like how do you achieve modern eclectic? The answer lies in wall art. Collect some vintage black and white photographs for your walls instead of hanging the usual eclectic mix of paintings and woven pieces. It will clean things up for the eye and leave you free to add your colors in the other decorative elements.found on strangerthanvintage.

When you lean towards large pieces of statement art in your home, black and white is the safest choice. Such large pieces require a lot of thought, due to the large dent they make in your wallet. So a black and white statement piece is going to become a classic part of your decor, matching whatever styles you’ll go through for the rest of your decorating life.

Have you ever considered making your own statement piece for your wall? While most of us non-artists would shy away from the invitation, black and white themes give us some good opportunity. You only have to one large canvas and one paint color to work with. Abstract is your friend and you can easily have a favorite piece in an afternoon. You just have to be brave enough to try.

For some, decorating with black and white means using all the gray shades in between to soften things up. Lucky for you, wall art in all those shades is easy to make too. Borrow a set of watercolors and invest in the largest piece of watercolor paper you can find. Then get to it! You’ll create a unique abstract piece that fits the black and white theme in the softest way possible.found on lilyardor.

Looking for a simple wall art DIY that is two tone and minimal? All those criteria can be met in quote art. You can get large architectural prints for cheap so the hardest part is choosing your font. Hang them side by side above your couch or in your hallway and you can fill an empty wall in black and white by the weekend.found on lilyardor.

Okay, let’s talk gallery walls. They can be easy to hang if you’re confident in your arranging skills or they can seem like a leap in the dark. But if you can make all your photos and prints black and white, you’ve eliminated the worry about color. Plus your gallery wall, no matter how it’s arranged, will be the most Instagrammable gallery you know.

You’ve probably seen the gallery walls that wrap around the TV. A brilliant idea since that big black box seems to stand out no matter where you put it. By making your surrounding gallery wall black and white, it will flow seamlessly with that big black box, almost making it seem like they were meant for each other.

Okay so it’s not exactly wall art… but patterned wallpaper should be considered wall art! You’re putting a pattern or picture on your wall so why not? Find a big bold black and white design to cover your bedroom or your powder room for the biggest black and white influence you can get in your home.

Looking for something simple and fun to decorate your bathroom wall with? Check out this cute print that comes ready to hang, no hardware needed. The coolest thing about it is of course the design and in particular the message. The frame is made of wood and has a square shape. The minimalist, black and white palette ensure that this fits into a variety of different decors and suits a variety of styles.

For areas like the living room something simple and sophisticated is sometimes exactly what’s needed. This beautiful print offers just that. The photo is titled “La Femme au Chapeau” which captures the very essence of the image is a simple and elegant manner. You can get this in several different sizes with all the necessary hardware included for easy hanging.

Inspirational quotes and phrases are a nice fit for offices and workspaces in general. This set of 4 wooden prints would look lovely up on a wall next to a desk. They each have a different design and a different message on them but they’re all designed in black and white with no other accent color which puts more emphasis on the design and the message rather than the color palette.

There’s something very peaceful about looking at an ocean or a lake or water in general. This peaceful and serene atmosphere was captured in this beautiful set of two framed pictures. They’re in black and white which adds a mysterious and artistic vibe to their design. The frames are black and there’s a white inner outline for contrast. Both art pieces measure 17.5” H x 17.5” W x 1” D, they have protective glass covers and arrive ready to hang.

If you find it difficult to pick a specific theme or a design for the artwork that you want to display in your home, perhaps something abstract could solve the issue. We really like this design by Irena Orlov Graphic Art. It’s simple and uses neutral colors but it’s also eye-catching, elegant and very versatile. You can get it in a variety of different sizes and it comes printed on a wrapped cotton canvas in a black floater frame.

In case you’re looking for something a bit different and less abstract to decorate the walls in your home with, why not a majestic white stallion? Horses are beautiful and gentle and this piece is a reflection of that. The white horse is placed against a white background which creates a foggy effect and as you can barely distinguish the silhouette of the body. It’s painted on tempered glass and there’s no frame around it.

This is still a type of black and white wall décor but with a distressed and vintage-inspired look. It’s a four-piece set representing a series of vintage botanical prints in white and gray, each being framed in black wood with burlap backing that creates an inner border and adds contrast and texture to the design. The paint on the frames is purposefully rubbed off to create a distressed look in tone with the overall style of the artwork.

An eye chart may not seem like something one would display in their home as art but that’s what makes the idea so ingenious and interesting in the first place. Besides, this is not just any regular chart you find in an ophthalmologist’s office. It’s a vintage print, with a retro and stylish look which has been transformed into something purely decorative. It measures 14” H x 11” W x 0.15” D and it easily pops into a frame if you wish to add one.

This sort of three-piece wall art that depicts a large image split into sections is quite popular in a lot of modern and contemporary homes as well as other types of spaces. This is an abstract design entitled Gilded Arcs I by Christ Paschke almost entirely in black and white. The image is printed on 2 plexiglass panels with thin black frames which fit together side by side but can also be spaced out if that fits the décor and the layout of the room better.

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