Amazing 5 Cool Coffee Shops With One-of-a-kind Designs

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5 Cool Coffee Shops With One-of-a-kind Designs

Even though there are so many different restaurants, bars and placed to go to, finding one that makes you feel welcome and that feels special can turn out to be quite the challenge. The aesthetic of a place is very important and the decor and the ambiance often matter more than anything else. With that in mind, we thought today it could be fun to share with you give of our top favorite coffee shops around the world and highlights the different details and elements that stand out in each case. Each has a unique concept behind it and is inspiring in its own way.

%Arabica Coffee

The % Arabica is a really cool coffee shop located in Shanghai. It’s really easy to see why this is such a special place. The 50 square meter space is completely open to the exterior allowing anyone and everyone to see inside as they pass by. This unusual design was created by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio and was based on a desire to turn the shop into a very bright, open and modern-looking space. As such they went with an open concept and gave the shop a curved glass facade which blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor areas. At the same time, a small courtyard was added inside, actually inviting the outdoors in, with doors in either side of it so customers can come in, place their order and then pick up their espresso and exit on the opposite side.

Kaizen coffee co.

This coffee shop from Bangkok is also very open to the exterior. It also stands out through the fact that it’s a double-height space and that allows it to look and to feel very airy and spacious even though it doesn’t have a large footprint. The high ceiling of course is not the only interesting detail about this space. The shop, which was designed by studio Space+craft, is filled with lots of beautiful features aimed to make very comfortable to be in, welcoming and friendly. As customers enter they find themselves into a warm and inviting space where the service bar is situated. There are also several small tables and banquette seating with curved lines and comfortable grey cushions. A staircase placed along one of the side walls leads up to another seating area with glass railings and a balcony-inspired look. This is also a very versatile space that offers customers numerous different ways to arrange the furniture and to create seating arrangements for small or large groups.

Proti Proudu Bistro

There’s a cool little place in Prague called Proti Proudu Bistro where one can go to enjoy good coffee and to admire a really interesting and unusual interior design. The space was designed by studios Mimosa architekti¬†and¬†Modulora and the inspiration for it was electrical circuits, a rather odd concept for an interior design. This theme is expressed very clearly and graphically throughout the shop. There are white walls and a matching ceiling throughout the entire space which allows all the exposed wires and installations to stand out by contrasting with the clean and simple background. The centerpiece is the wall behind the bar which is made of white perforated plywood. It’s a giant grid that all the different components connect to. This draws attention to this area and adds an intriguing and puzzling character to the entire space. One comes in out of curiosity and stays for the good coffee.

Metal Hands Coffee Renovation

This is the interior of a Metal Hands coffee shop situated in Beijing. It occupies 300 square meters inside what used to be a cafeteria and it’s a very unusual space composed of several different areas with different functions all connected together. This new interior is the creation of studio Linkchance Architects. There are three spaces with different elevations, each unique and special in its own way. They were built in different periods and as such don’t share many similarities. However, these differences allowed the architects to get really creative with this shop. They turned one of the areas into a lobby with a 4.1 meter high ceiling. It has large skylights and get plenty of light but it also maintains a very intimate feel. It’s connected to a sunken lounge area which has a very warm and welcoming decor. There’s also a small courtyard in here. As you can see, this is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a place that feels like home.

Deco Temple, Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters

The Elixir Bunn coffee shop from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is a very special place. It was designed by studio AZAZ Architects who went for a temple-inspired look. They wanted to associate coffee with a spiritual experience and the design they created reflects that. The shop has a big column at the center which couldn’t be removed but rather than seeing it as impediment the designers used it in their favor and integrated it into the focal point of the shop. They added walls around the column creating overreaching arches which ultimately resulted in this beautiful temple-like area. It ended up being a very modern space with a strong historic vibe which actually suits the location very well.

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