Best Comfy and Spacious Small Apartment Design with Multifunctional Furniture

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These calm spacious apartment pictures were dedicated for those who really didn’t have enough space for living. They can try to apply the entire ideas and application in this place. We will start to see the spacious living room that has double function as both living room and family room (entertainment room). We will see the simple white sofa furniture combine with contemporary coffee table. The LCD TV was complete this space. Other multifunctional small apartment decorations were the integration thought between kitchen space and laundry space. We were being able to see the kitchen table was use as the laundry machine storage by the owner. The wash basing kitchen table was side by side by the wash basing sink, etc. the bedroom space was integrated with the office space or study desk. Those entire functional spacious apartment interior was furnish with nice lighting and space saving thought. Other good news was we can look out those applications in this comfy spacious apartment design directly.[via]

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