Cool Black and White Wallpapers to Help You Finish Decorating

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Black and White Wallpapers to Help You Finish Decorating

No matter what your style is, there is one combination that will forever be a favorite. The classic joining of black and white. No matter where you use it, it’s always safe because it is always neutral and will match with the flowing and changing of your style. Modern decorators use it to give their space neutral space some contrast. Chic decorators use it to add give their room that luxe feeling. From the living room to the bathroom or bedroom, black and white will serve you right. So it should be no surprise that wallpaper presents the perfect opportunity to bring that touch of class to your home. Take a look at these 12 examples of black and white wallpaper to help you finish decorating.

When you’re making an old house into your modern home, you have to creatively find ways to update the look without losing any of the historical charm. Black and white wallpaper, whether in a whole space or just one statement wall, can easily bring things perfectly up to date.

Contemporary bathroom design with black and white wallpaper design

One of the last things people expect to find when they walk into a bathroom is patterned wallpaper. Chose something in the black and white arena that is fun and a little abstract for the best contemporary effect.

Love your chic and girly floral decor? Expand it by putting some great big black and white florals on your wall. Even though there is no color to be had, your mind will automatically finish the image and make it whatever color is your favorite.

Who doesn’t love a good nautical wallpaper? Especially in a bathroom. Find yourself a nice ocean animal wallpaper with a print that looks like it’s cut straight from a vintage dictionary and suddenly you’ll want to spend all your time in there.

Modern contemporay staircase with black and white wallpaper wall

When you’re decorating a smaller space, you can get away with bolder elements. Like this black and white wallpaper that only covers the stairwell. It’s a great way to bring your own personality into a spot that would be otherwise boring.

Chic nursery bandw striped wallpaper

In case you hadn’t noticed, black and white stripes are one of the booming styles at the moment. It spreads from fashion to decorating and you can even find it in wallpaper. While the stripes above are perfect for this nursery, they would honestly look great in any room of your home.

Let’s hear it for a twist on a popular wallpaper trend! That birch tree wallpaper is everywhere, so it’s refreshing to see a similar pattern in inverted tones. It’s like the original wallpaper’s dark and mysterious cousin.

How do you blend your modern sensibilities into your family friendly home? You find a black and white wallpaper with a folksy pattern that will be fun for the kids and calming for yourself.

Keeping kids busy on rainy days is an art. But it becomes easy when you choose an I Spy looking wallpaper for their room. Not only will it give their space that last bit of style, it will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Classic living room with black and white wallpaper pattern

Some people go absolutely ape for all things black and white. If you’re thinking that that describes you, then by all means, wrap yourself in black and white wallpaper. It won’t matter what other patterns you use to decorate because as long as they are black and white, they’ll match.

There are just some rooms that do better with a big statement. So what is a better option than putting a blown up black and white photograph on your wall? It could be a photo of you as a kid or maybe your parents, but it will definitely give you plenty of table conversation.

Statement walls not your thing? No worries. Put some black and white wallpaper on the ceiling of a small room, like your office. It will make the space feel fancy without creating busyness for your eyes.

Geometric patterns are very versatile and usually suit modern interiors very well. This wallpaper has a beautiful herringbone pattern on it, featuring black stripes on a white background. It can potentially help complete your living room or bedroom but it would also look beautiful in a home office, in the kitchen or it could help make a hallway look less boring.

Tiles, as you know, come in lots of different colors and with all sorts of patterns and a really cool way to take advantage of that is by creating a unique combo. We love this idea for a backsplash or for an accent wall. If you don’t feel like taking down old tiles and putting in new ones that’s ok because you can actually use wallpaper instead. Check out this gorgeous black and white Mediterranean design. Isn’t it inspiring?

Something else you might enjoy experimenting with is the type of retro-looking pattern, the kind that one might have created in the past using rollers and paint. Today you can get that in a more versatile and easy to work with form: peel and stick wallpaper. Check out this classic damask pattern and how detailed and elegant it looks.

Here’s another interesting design, this time a bit more abstract. The pattern is reminiscent of dalmatians and can look really cute if used as an accent detail. This wallpaper is resistant to steam and moisture so you can even put it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Additionally, it’s super easy to apply and even to reposition and it doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Speaking of abstract designs, this black and white wallpaper is interesting in its own quirky way. It has these brushstroke patterns on it which look quite cool and it’s also versatile thanks to the black and white color scheme. You can easily stick it to any flat and smooth surface and simply pull up to remove it when you want to redecorate. There’s no residue left behind and it’s a real pleasure to work with this sort of wallpaper.

Although a lot of different patterns and designs can be very versatile, there’s something about black and white stripes that makes things fall into place perfectly. The clean lines and the strong contrast between the stripes as well as the nice proportions make this wallpaper a perfect fit for virtually any type of space. It’s a great option for decorating a rented home without making permanent changes to the interior.

Larger stripes can also look really beautiful, especially if you’re going for a sort of classic, art-deco kind of interior design. Also, vertical stripes can potentially emphasize the height of a wall and make a room appear taller. If you want to add an accent wall to a room without relying on colorful designs, this might be it.

This trellis-inspired wallpaper design is really charming and has a very beautiful and subtle retro look. There are lots of cool and interesting ways to use in order to create focal points throughout the house. It’s sold in double rolls that measure 20.5’’ x 33 ft each. It’s easy to line them all up to create a seamless continuous pattern.

There are also wallpaper designs that mimic the look of certain materials. For example, you can get wallpaper that looks like wood or bricks or stone and that can be a nice way to make a space look a bit more warm and cozy without actually using those particular materials. Check out for example this vintage wood grain wallpaper design. It’s slightly textured and produces a cool 3D effect. Similarly, you can also get brick wallpaper in a more neutral black and gray color scheme.

This sort of random geometric patterns are really fun and relaxing to draw and look great on wallpaper. This particular design features an abstract design that would look amazing in a variety of modern and contemporary decors. The lines are very clean and the print is crisp and eye-catching. Also, this wallpaper is super easy to install. Just peel and stick, reposition if needed and
you’ll be done in no time.

Take away the vivid colors and suddenly this tropical-looking wallpaper design becomes elegant and simple. You can get the Bali Leaves wallpaper in a combination of off white and dark gray which is a nice neutral mix that can be incorporated into a variety of spaces and decors.

Busy designs and patterns like the one featured by the Monaghan Merriment can look really good in black and white. This is a beautiful woodland-themed wallpaper depicting cute little bunnies, squirrels and deer mixed in with trees and swirling silhouettes. It’s eye-catching because of everything that’s going on but it’s also quite simple thanks to the neutral color palette.

This right here is a pretty bold wallpaper which once again takes advantage of the incredible versatility and timelessness of the black and white color palette. The design is centered around a series of stylized lotus flowers which are arranged in a way that adds dynamism to the wallpaper.

The Bouleaux wallpaper also has a floral design but in this case the inspiration comes from roses. The design has a sketch-like flair, showing a bunch of artistic roses seen from above and bunched together in a way that leaves no empty spaces between them. The design is abstract but also very suggestive.

Abstract designs are often preferred when it comes to wallpaper because they leave room for imagination and they fit in lots of different types of spaces and decors. This is an art deco-inspired design with a beautiful geometric pattern formed of starburst diamonds. The Black Benninger Starlight wallpaper can look exquisite in large open spaces as well as in small areas such as bathrooms or hallways.

The Swett wallpaper is another beautiful example when it comes to clean geometric designs and patterns. The background color is a very light muted shade of gray which appears white at first sight and the pattern is dark gray. By avoiding the flat black and white tones this design is more soothing and warm in a very subtle way.

The Leanne Perplexing wallpaper is self-adhesive and very easy to apply. It’s also easy to remove and leaves no residue behind when done so. This makes it a very convenient and practical option if you’re renting a space and wish to customize it temporarily or if you like to change the décor in your on a regular basis. The silver geometric pattern is very simple, clean and subtle which makes it excellent for modern interiors.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit more bold and eye-catching, check out the Nicole Mosaic Scallop wallpaper. It’s self-adhesive and easy to install by just removing the backing and pressing firmly onto a smooth surface. The scalloped pattern is playful and adds a classic and elegant twist to the design.

One of our favorite designs is that of the Akil wallpaper. It’s very simple and playful and it’s also really cute and perfect for bedrooms, nursery rooms or playrooms but also for all types of other spaces given the right environment. It’s made of self-adhesive vinyl which is easy to apply and to remove without damaging the walls and it’s a lovely way to add a bit of charm and flair to a room without bringing in extra colors.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this wallpaper will definitely appeal to you. The design is not colorful or bold but it is nonetheless really interesting. It depicts various sketches of some of the iconic space ships and machines from the Star wars universe, all in black and white. We love the fact that it’s very detailed but in a subtle in an elegant manner as opposed to a very graphical and eye-catching design.

Take a trip around the world without leaving your home with this quirky peel and stick wallpaper. It has a graphic black and white design and it’s very chic, perfect for an accent wall in the kitchen for instance. The Around the World wallpaper features the names of various cities printed with different fonts and taking up the whole surface.

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