Coastal-Themed Christmas Trees And Other Inspiring Decor Ideas

Cool Coastal-Themed Christmas Trees And Other Inspiring Decor Ideas

It’s easy to get distracted when shopping for Christmas decorations. There’s so many different ones to choose from and if you don’t have a theme in mind or an idea of how you want your Christmas tree to look like you might end up not liking the result. That’s why you should take some time and make a plan first.

We’d like to suggest a coastal-themed Christmas tree for this year. We love the freshness of this theme and the fact that it’s actually very approachable. The color scheme is the most important detail but there’s a lot more you can focus on such as all the individual ornaments as well as the items placed all around the tree. We found the following examples to be very inspiring in this sense and we hope you’ll like them as much as we do.

Turquoise is the perfect accent color for a coastal Christmas tree decor. You can definitely use different nuances to add a bit of diversity to your tree and also mix in a few white or beige-colored decorations as well. Naturally, it would also be nice to add a bunch of beach-themed ornaments too such as starfish or shells.

You can definitely add red into the mix and still give your Christmas tree a coastal vibe. That’s easier to do if the surrounding decor follows the same theme. In any case, you might be able to find all sorts of subtle ways to represent this theme without making it too obvious.

Isn’t this coastal Christmas decor wonderful? The tree is the centerpiece and the accent colors found throughout the room are also concentrated here in the form of ornaments, string lights and garlands. We also really love the fireplace and everything in and around it. The beach stones are a really nice little detail.

A combination of turquoise and green can look amazing, especially if the Christmas tree is also green. You can mix and match various ornaments and decorations in these two colors and also spread this color scheme throughout the entire room. The gifts can be wrapped in turquoise paper too.

A white Christmas tree might actually be better if it’s a coastal-theme decor that you’re trying to create. You can fill the white tree with ornaments of different shapes and sizes and in different shaped of blue. White, as it turns out, is a powerful color and shouldn’t be dismissed.

It doesn’t really matter where you place your Christmas tree, you can always give is a coastal-inspired look. You can approach this style in a subtle way and just focus on some of the accent colors while still keeping most of the ornaments and decorations mainstream. This way you can reuse them next year even if you choose a different theme.

Turning shells and other things you’ve collected from the beach into Christmas tree decorations is an excellent idea. That’s pretty much all you need in order to create a coastal Christmas tree decor. Everything else should come naturally and we’re talking about things like garlands, tree skirts, string lights and everything else you might want to add to the tree.

We feel like when you’re choosing a white Christmas tree you’re already on the right track for creating a coastal-themed decor. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go that way if you don’t want to but it would sure be a nice option. You might even be able to get away with using mainstream ornaments. The colors should be bright and bubbly.

Small Christmas trees are really cute and obviously easier to decorate. It might be a good idea to opt for something small if you’re planning on following a specific theme in your design. For instance, you might have enough coastal-themed ornaments for a little tree but they might get lost on a big one.

There’s a subtle blue tins on pretty much this entire Christmas tree. The combination of turquoise and gold ornaments is very stylish and helps to suggest a coastal decor. The fact that the tree itself is white helps to maintain a bright and airy ambiance in the room and that’s actually something you can use in your favor, especially if you have a small home.

Another strategy that we find interesting is to combine different styles in order to create a unique Christmas tree decor. For example, you can add rustic, Scandinavian and coastal ornaments to your tree. These styles are somewhat similar and they’ll complement each other beautifully.

We finish on the same note with a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with turquoise ornaments. As before, it looks really charming and in this case it’s also nice that metallic accents were also added in order to create contrast between the different colors. We imagine a similar-looking tree would look just as beautiful regardless of what you surround it Debbie of Refresh Restyle.

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