Cool Kids Room Furniture Ideas With Cool, Practical And Stylish Designs

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Kids Room Furniture Ideas With Cool, Practical And Stylish Designs

The hardest part when decorating or designing a space is finding the inspiration for it. We love checking out photos of different places and looking around for tips and ideas that can be interpreted and customized. Today we’re looking at a bunch kids’ room furniture ideas. As with any decorating project, there’s lots of styles, color palettes and different details to consider. Check out some of our favorites below.

A dedicated workspace with a desk and some form of storage is usually needed in this space. Make sure it’s practical but also try to make it fun and enjoyable. After all, nobody really likes doing their homework.

In a shared bedroom it would be nice to find a way to divide the area and to create a two bedroom in one sort of design. Here for example there’s a big corner unit acting as a divider and a common element at the same time. The beds are facing different directions and there’s custom storage on each side.

Pick a color theme and go with it but try to add diversity to it as well. Rather than a single shade of pink, consider combining a few different tones and balance out the decor with a neutral such as beige. This by the way is a really lovely desk area.

Decorative shelves are always a great resource when decorating any type of space. In a kid’s room these could offer space to display their various creations, artwork or favorite toys, books and other things.This cool set of circular shelves feature colorful back panels with different patterns on them.

Because kids’ rooms are not typically very large and there’s a lot of furniture that needs to fit inside, you need to be clever when it comes to the layout and the way everything is organized. This is a really great example of a custom interior with lots of storage, a desk, a bed and open shelves and cubbies all complementing each other.

Another strategy you can apply when decorating a kid’s room is to think of it as a small living room rather than a sleeping area. One of the walls could have a sort of entertainment unit with wall-mounted storage modules, shelves and even a sleek floating desk on it.

Wallpaper and murals are really great options if you want to want to customize a room. This for instance feature graffiti walls and stone archways with greenery growing on them, creating a really cool urban ambiance in the room. The colorful floating shelves and the overall casual decor fit the theme perfectly.

Sometimes symmetry can help create a familiar and inviting ambiance in a room. Of course, that’s only part of what makes this particular accent wall so interesting. Simple lines and colors and textures that complement each other often lead to great results.

Accent colors are important in any interior design. They can be applied not just to walls but to furniture as well. This little desk area for example is clean and simple, with light wooden frames and white surfaces but also with bright red shelves and a matching chair which totally transforms the whole area.

This is quite the fancy bedroom. It has a very elegant and aristocratic sort of vibe due to the combination of black and grey and the blue accent lighting. The furniture is all a matching set with nailhead trims and classic lines but this room as a whole also has a playful look thanks to all the animal trophies that are actually plushy toys.

You can never go wrong with a canopy bed, especially if the goal is to create a beautiful room fit for a little princess. Add delicate decorative curtains and ruffled bedding to create the full effect. The beautiful padded headboard is also a perfect fit for this gorgeous princess bed.

You can try something a bit more classic and old-school if you want to create a sophisticated princess bedroom. Look for vintage-inspired furniture like these nightstands and side tables. The pale pink color is really beautiful, not too bright and not too dark either.

Under-bed storage is an excellent option for small bedrooms. You can either look for a bed that already has built-in drawers and shelves into its frame or add a platform underneath an existing bed if there’s enough space.

You can also get that lovely princess bedroom look even if you’re not going with a four poster bed. A small canopy can be added to any type of bed and it has a nice effect when you add the sheer curtains. This bed and the matching vanity and desk also have elegant caved out details and moldings on them that help complete the look.

A pirate-themed bedroom could look really nice and super fun as well. There are all sorts of ways to achieve that and a really cool idea is to introduce a bed that looks like a boat. This particular furniture set also feature these little decorative panels shaped like shark fins which add to the character of the room.

Bunk beds are an excellent option when dealing with limited floor space. This design is quite amazing because it offers three sleeping areas as well as a desk. There’s a bed at the top, one underneath the desk and a trundle which reveals a third mattress. It’s very space-efficient and very convenient.

That’s a cool look for a teenager’s bedroom. It has a chic urban vibe, with strong colors and contrasts and bold shapes. The desk is fairly simple and the shelving unit is great for displaying collectibles, books and various items and there are also a few accent pieces as well such as the little table and the eye-catching wall shelves.

This big wall unit offers lots of storage for pretty much everything in a casual and interesting way. There’s a low unit at the bottom with shelves and closed modules and a wall-mounted open closet above it, with space in between for more storage. This open design allows small bedrooms to look brighter and more spacious and keeps everything within reach.

This wall unit has a sort of all-in-one design which can turn out to be super practical in a kid’s room. There’s a writing desk with a cute matching chair with red legs and the unit frames. It adds open storage cubbies and shelves on both sides as well as above and it also has a slot for hanging clothes.

Instead of a classical freestanding desk this bedroom has a chic table attached to the wall unit. There are lots of open shelves for storage and display purposes and although the design is very simple it’s also quite interesting and special.

Here’s another nice bedroom set, this time with a stylish desk that can be hidden away when not needed. It’s a cute way to save some space and to get the desk out of sight. The little bed/ sofa is multifunctional and allows the space to be easily transformed from a sleeping area into a playroom or a little miniature living room for receiving guests.

The black and white is timeless and classic and they pair well with red as an accent color. Apart from the color palette, we really the fact that this bedroom has depth. The wall unit helps a lot in that sense, with all its different storage options and cool geometry.

Sometimes simple forms are the best. This is a very clean and chic kid’s bedroom with a single-person platform bed, a dresser and additional storage, all combined to fit against one wall. The headboard is part of the back panel that connects all these elements. Also, the colors are very beautiful.

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